Loma™ - Eyelashes
Loma™ - Eyelashes
Loma™ - Eyelashes

Loma™ - Eyelashes

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  • Glue & Knife Free - close those messy and glue-based fake eyelashes and go with our 8x brand new magnetic false eyelashes that can be repaired within seconds. Save time and lose the hassle of messing with hard to go glue lashes every morning, and order a premium brand that is trusted by thousands and thousands of cosmetics users. With the #1, Gold-Standard magnetic eyelashes product on the market you can't leave anymore! 
  • Feel natural - how about those fake lashes that feel plastic and go with our fur-based lashes that are easy to attach and stay on all day long. Designed by cosmetics experts for everyday users who need to renew their facial look, these lashes are a must-have cosmetic accessory for the modern lady. In fact, the glue-free design means these lashes won't irritate your eyes or damage your natural lashes. 
  • Use & reuse - use the best fake lashes on the market currently designed by makeup specialists so you can bring the professional salon experience directly to your home. Go with these fake eyelashes that are carefully and carefully handmade, and get the maximum bang for your bucks. What's more? With proper care, you can use and re-use Nylea magnetic false lashes up to 25 times. 
  • Enhance your pro-look - when it comes to false lashes, the Nylea Magnetic lashes are as natural as you get. These eyelashes are made from 100% mink fur and look great on you, and serve you for a considerably long time. Benefit from the natural, lightweight and more comfortable lashes that enhance your allure at any time of day. Get the beautiful, professional look you desire with our thin and flexible fake lashes.

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