Dermacol™ - water-repellent makeup
Dermacol™ - water-repellent makeup

Dermacol™ - water-repellent makeup

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Waterproof Cream Concealer:
First aid for tired eyes - Perfect coverage like a movie star!
Eye circles, impurities and redness of the skin - fortunately there are concealers to quickly hide such unsightly skin problems.

A concealer against eye fatigue is especially useful when you are in a time of crisis. To be prepared for an emergency situation, you should always have a concealer in your skin colour at home. The make-up before masking ensures that dark shadows under the eyes disappear into the sparkling eyes.

Application details:

So the basic rule is to choose the colour: Choose a shade that is by no means darker than your own skin tone. Choose a lighter opaque shade, but be careful - too light a shade will make the dark circles disappear, but will make the eye area unnaturally pale. Choose the shade up to two shades lighter than your skin.

Tip: Do not test the concealer against eye fatigue on the wrist, but where you really want to use it.

Brand new and high quality
Perfect liquid concealer
Also good for acne, pimples and rings around the eyes

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